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Even before Michael graduated in 1998 with his degree in Engineering from Bharathidasan University, he was interested in computer networks. He even built and deployed intranet sites within his own college while still at school.

He and fellow entrepreneur Arun Rozario started their first software development firm in 2001. Michael had seen too many start ups fail because of poor project management. He vowed to build a reliable organization that would deliver to clients with consistent communication, transparent processes, and outstanding results.

Michael has been fascinated by the natural world since he was a small child. He is a conservationist at heart – with a special fondness for preserving the habitats of rare and endangered turtles and tortoises. He believes that building efficient software and systems – always based on sound architecture and using as few resources as possible – is both good business and a good way to manage your carbon footprint.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

A flexible, scalable, responsive and secure infrastructure remains a top priority for CIOs. Outsourcing the management of your infrastructure to a reliable and proven partner can provide enterprise efficiency, cost effectiveness, and compliance control.

KINIXSYS MITS Technologies provides a complete, end-to-end spectrum of infrastructure management and outsourcing services that leverages next generation platforms such as cloud computing and virtualization to help our customers reduce costs, accelerate your time-to-market, simplifying your IT management and enhancing efficiencies.

KINIXSYS MITS has a robust set of mature offerings managed by a comprehensive enterprise management framework, which are made available through a flexible engagement model. KINIXSYS MITS’s ITIL / ITSM compliant processes, investments in talent, tools, management platforms, and broad geographic footprint enable high quality, global secure delivery on a 24 x 7 basis.

Custom Software Dev

Custom Software Dev

Ready-made packaged software solutions can be rigid and may not be the right fit for your specific business needs. Software applications need to be flexible, with extendable architecture built-in, to enable your software to grow and change as your market does.

We develop custom, sophisticated solutions to suit your business strategies and objectives. We:

  • Identify the problem/business need
  • Create a technical design or prototype
  • Confirm the design against requirements
  • Test and develop the solution
  • Deploy the solution, including training your team
  • Provide support after the solution is implemented
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices, particularly smart phones, have opened up the possibility of being productive from where ever you are, but adapting existing solutions for these devices presents unique challenges. Thanks to our investment in emerging markets, we are ready to help you with solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

Our carefully designed, lean applications:

  • Have rich and easy to use interface
  • Leave a very small foot print on your device
  • Download and install quickly
  • Have short startup time
  • Feature our state of the art security systems


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Arun and Michael founded Kinixsys, with a vision to build Kinixsys into a sustainable, value-rich enterprise empowering markets and communities. Arun heads Operations & Finance, he honed his personal vision for Kinixsys, which encourages individual growth and learning as a lifelong goal for all employees, he believes that “true innovation can only thrive within a corporate culture that nurtures every associated individual.”

Being a natural leader with more than 15 years of association in the IT ecosystem delivering customised software products and IT services to Fortune 500 companies. With a master’s degree in Computer Application and Business Management, Arun is also a certified coach (Systems Perspective) and a certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant.